Colac 6 Day run - increased performance of the sports person through decreased recovery time

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Colac 6 Day run

1993 1994 and 1995 Colac 6 Day Event

Athlete's Legs Maintenance using Wholistic Light Manual Muscle Relaxation

The Colac 6 Day event was the place I cut my teeth as an Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist

Wholistic Light Manual Muscle Relaxation the environmentally friendly legs maintenance system of choice for world runners

What is Wholistic Light Manual Muscle Relaxation?

The aim of Light Manual Muscle Relaxation is to clear the legs of micro-cellular debris as quickly as possible without breaking into the body's own recovery processes so that a healthy circulation can be resumed as quickly as possible which will result in a better performance for the athlete!

Light Manual Muscle Relaxation is a simple oil free physiology based legs maintenance systemsystem developed for extreme athletes  and tested at events all over the world and is in fact the only system that has been used on 2  runs around the world!

Arguably it can be said to be the most tested maintenance system in the world!

The advantages of using Light Manual Muscle Relaxation

  • It is Do It Yourself recovery

  • No disrobing

  • Works with the muscles not on them

  • No oil used

  • Non invasive

  • User friendly

  • Easy to learn

It only needs a few minutes and can be done as often as possible because it does not use a rubbing motion does not initiate or further irritate sore muscles

There are flow on benefits to all athletes

  • They can easily learn and use the same system I use

  • They do not need to do an expensive dedicated course in recovery system

  • They do not need to invest in or carry expensive equipment

  • They can use it trackside or field side whenever they need it

  • If they do not have the services of a support team they just Do It

A workshop on Environmentally Friendly Light Manual Muscle Relaxation is available US$38 including manual

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