we worked on Jesper Olsen's world run 1 - increased performance of the sports person through decreased recovery time

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we worked on Jesper Olsen's world run 1

No rivers or streams were harmed in the making of this run because we used no oil Environmentally Friendly Wholistic Light Manual Muscle Relaxation  


Gillan Recovery worked with Jesper Olsen of Denmark world runner on part of his world run 1 Australian leg of his run from Sale in Victoria to Codrington in the Western District of Victoria  

I was asked to work again with him in Antibes 6 day in France in 2007 and then again at his world run 2 training camp in Denmark finishing up with the Mors 24 hour 100 mile run

giving a workshop on recovery in Mors Denmark

the 24 hour world championships with the Danish national running team 2007

Light Manual Muscle Relaxation the recovery system of choice for world runners!

Athlete's Legs Maintenance using Wholistic Light Manual Muscle Relaxation

Light Manual Muscle Relaxation is a simple physiology based  recovery system developed for extreme athletes  and tested at events all over the world and is in fact the only system  that has been used on 2  runs around the world

world run with Tony Mangan of Ireland http://www.theworldjog.com/blog

Arguably it can be said to be the most tested recovery system in the world!

It has also been used at events in these countries

  • France

  • Denmark

  • The United States

  • Australia

  • Canada

The advantages of using Light Manual Muscle Relaxation

  • It is Do It Yourself recovery

  • No disrobing

  • Works with the muscles not on them

  • No oil used

  • Non invasive

  • User friendly

  • Easy to learn

It only needs a few minutes and can be done as often as possible because it does not use a rubbing motion does not initiate or further irritate sore muscles

There are flow on benefits to all athletes

  • They can easily learn and use the same system I use

  • They do not need to do an expensive dedicated course in recovery system

  • They do not need to invest in or carry expensive equipment

  • They can use it trackside or field side whenever they need it

  • If they do not have the services of a support team they just Do It Themselves!

me with Jesper at Antibes 6 Jour event 2007

The road to recovery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
A word from Jesper Olsen World Runner about Light Manual Muscle Relaxation

“If I hadn't had the qualified help from the excellent masseur Michael Gillan, taking several thousands of km out of my legs, I could spare myself the effort!”

“My crew for the current stages, Michael Gillan, has proven to have other talents than the quite taxing job of taking care of all the requirements of a really tired ultra runner!

He has since years back been working on a new approach to stretching and muscle-rebuilding for ultra runners. I have the last two days tried his careful stretch and massage, and a bit to my surprise the muscles are beginning to feel like before the start back in Greenwich, London!!

Usually I doesn’t take massage as the legs of an ultra runner will often be quite sore during the long time events (and especially in an multi-year event like this...), and getting a massage can at times cause more injury and cramping up than good.

For example my last massage was some 12 000km ago when I ran the 12-hour competition in Finland. And so far that has been the only one.

But Gillan came with best recommendations from my main contact in Australia, Phil Essam, who besides being vice president in the Australian Ultra runners Association has heaps of good knowledge to share. And this new kind of mild massage for ultra runners is definitely one of the good tips!

There should be a fair chance that I actually get fresh enough to do some decent running at the 6 Day Race that I have coming up in Colac from the 21.November. I quite look forward to that, even though I can’t expect to make a top class result :-)”

He won! 756.2 kilometers (Jesper holds the record for the longest run in history over 26000 kilometers and the first person to run around the world
Taken from www.worldrun.org                

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